Welcome to Compassionate Wellness Coaching with Marguerite Ogle, M.S.

Offers Natural Wellness Coaching in person, by phone and on Skype. She is also a Pilates and movement instructor, nutrition educator, and writer. As the guide to Pilates at About.com, Marguerite writes for and runs the largest Pilates information website online.
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Choosing Compassionate Wellness means that you are willing to take a friendly step toward yourself.

Listen to a short excerpt of an interview with Marguerite by
Dr. Cory Holly of the Cory Holly Institute for Sports Nutrition

***Marguerite's Interview for the Manifest Your Mission Summit, Align Your Diet with Your Spiritual Life, is now available as a download along with other talks and special offers.

Discover Well-being as the Essence of Who You Are

  Nutrition  and Weight Loss               Inner Alignment - Stress Reduction           Pilates, Yoga and Inspired Fitness

Wellness and Life Coaching is an opportunity for you to look deeply into what you want your life to be and take practical action to align what you see for yourself with what you do. Together, we will design a lifestyle program that fits your needs --  in the context of your life. I specialize in natural nutrition, weight loss, stress reduction and body/mind fitness.

Personalized Pilates at my studio or your home means you get 100 percent of my attention on helping you bring body/mind into alignment as you gain strength and flexibility.

Phone: 303-578-2298

email: omarguerite@gmail.com

Marguerite's Office/Studio is in Longmont,  CO.
20 minutes from Boulder, 1hr. from Denver
Sessions are also available by phone and Skype

What Clients Say:

"Marguerite's in depth knowledge of nutrition, meditation, spiritual truth and the practicalities of human life combine to make a powerful mixture of service and support. I have been a client for many years, and continue to gain important insights with each session. Thank You, Marguerite! "
Ana Holub, Mount Shasta, CA

"The thing that makes Marguerite such an effective coach is simple: She embodies the principles she teaches. When she makes a suggestion it comes from her own experience, with the compassion of someone who knows it may not be easy, but that if she can do it, you can too. Without being in any way glib, she exudes a contagious sense of optimism and Light. You get comprehensive technical expertise combined with compassionate emotional support. I feel very fortunate to have Marguerite in my corner.
Best, Max Highstein , Santa Fe, NM

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